Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Men are from Mars? Well, that explains a lot... - Part 2

So I literally just finished reading the remaining 7 1/2 chapters of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus a few moments ago and guess what? (Please entertain my foolishness by saying "what" aloud while reading this.) I still highly recommend this book! I mean I'm at the point in which I'd shamelessly pull this book out during an argument with my future partner just to refresh myself on how to proceed without being tempted to punch him in the throat. (I wouldn't actually punch him in the throat...maybe cuss him out but not hit him.) Some people may call Dr. Gray old school or even a sexist for reiterating what I believe the majority of us secretly agree with, which is that men and women are very different. We think differently, we react differently, we process information differently, we're different; and I personally don't think that that's necessarily a bad thing.

If you haven't picked up on this already, I'm a Christian. A Christian that believes that God created man from the dust of the earth and woman from the rib of the first man, Adam. However, I also believe that one of the reasons God chose to create woman from the rib of man is because he intended for us to be different from the beginning. C'mon think about it! Being the magnificent and sovereign artist that He is, God could've easily scooped up some more dirt and molded it into a woman in the same way He created Adam; but instead, He chose to put Adam to sleep (way better than any Tylenol PM might I add) and make Eve using one of Adam's rib. Not only is that mind-blowing but in my opinion, that reinforces my point that God intended for men and women to be different since the beginning of creation because man and woman came into existence in two different ways. But I digress...

Dr. Gray continued to call me out on my emotional pros and cons in the remaining chapters of his book. For example, his notion that women are like waves is a perfect description of my ongoing emotional state. He suggests that a woman's feelings and self-esteem have the ability to rise as high as an ocean wave but will periodically come crashing down. Finally someone who gets it! I experience this 'crashing down' or falling down into a 'deep dark well' feeling at least once a month, usually before or during my monthly visit from my unwelcome guest, Red Robin; however, these feelings usually intensify when I am in a relationship. The worst part is being fully aware of the fact that it is happening and oftentimes feeling like I can't stop it from happening. Like starting an argument with my partner even though deep down, arguing with my partner is the very last thing that I want to do. Doesn't make any sense right? Well, that makes two of us.

The best thing about reading what Dr. Gray had to say about this wave/dark well behavior is that I am not alone in behaving this way. Many other women do it too and just like me, they just want their partners to smother them with unconditional love while it's happening until their wave starts to rise again.
Even if a man can't fully understand why a woman feels overwhelmed, he can offer his love, attention, and support.
I tell you that Dr. Gray is a good man.

Enough about my emotional woes. Just do yourself a big favor and read this book. It will not only teach you how to better communicate with the opposite sex but how to accept yourself and your differences as a man or woman. Feel free to share what you learned from reading Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus in the comments section below. I'd love to swap thoughts on what you do and don't like about this book.

Should you Open or Close this book? Open it. You're bound to learn something.
Would I read another book by this author? Yup! He is very knowledgeable about the subject matter.
What will I read next? Drunk Mom, a memoir by Jowita Bydlowska

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