Monday, July 7, 2014

School's Out but I'm still getting My Education

At the end of my last two book reviews, I mentioned that I would be reading My Education, a novel by Susan Choi. However, the reality is that I stopped reading My Education last week, just a few days after I started reading it. Now before you guys start judging me on forsaking a book, hear me out because I deserve my day in bookworm court just like the rest of you!

Quite frankly, I don't find this Susan Choi's novel that easy to read. It is way more intellectual than I expected, (to be honest, I wasn't expecting to read anything intellectual in this novel) which is making it very difficult for me to enjoy. Michael Cunningham, a writer who penned the 1998 novel turned film, Hours, (according to my good friends over at Wikipedia by way of Google) praised Choi's novel stating that:
[Choi] had written lines that could be framed and displayed at a sentence festival.
And boy, he wasn't lying!

I feel like I'm reading a novel written by a social psychologist and the National Spelling Bee Champion. Between her 'experiment in process' writing style and use of what seems like every word in the dictionary that I bypassed because there is an easier one that means the same thing, I have been struggling to get past the first few pages (I'm only on page 14 to be exact). This highlighter maven who prides herself in capturing words of wisdom and life lessons in the books she reads, has now found herself highlighting words she needs to learn the meaning of. Talk about getting "my education" on!

With that said I have put a hold on reading My Education at least for right now; HOWEVER, make no mistake that I will return to this novel and conquer it! And write a worthy review about it of course.

Have you read this novel yet or any other Susan Choi book for that matter? 
What do you think about her books? What's your advice on getting through a difficult book?

Should you Open or Close this book? Based on what I've read so far, I think you should keep it closed. If I have a change of heart after finishing the book, I'll be sure to let you know.
Would I read another book by this author? Nope, but like I said, I'll let you know if I change my mind.
What I'm reading now: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray, Ph.D.

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